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$120.00 $95.00

* This is the all new PREMIUM BumGun hand held toilet sprayer kit with an ADJUSTABLE valve ON THE NOZZLE.
No more need to play with the t-valve under the toilet. The power to control the water pressure is now in your hand making
cloth diapering that much easier. Don’t waste your time by fiddling with the t-valve on other sprayers.
Get the sprayer that started it all with even better technology.


* PERSONAL HYGIENE! Great for personal hygiene: stressed with daunting task of cleaning using the cloth diapers for the baby. This Mounting clip toilet sprayer is designed with beautiful chrome finish and appropriate pressure settings for effective cleaning. Let, The mess goes where it is supposed to go – and your hands stay clean.

* CLOTH DIAPERING! Perfect Cloth Diaper Toilet Sprayer: Strong Pressure and Brass Nozzle Gets Job Done! The BumGun Cloth Diaper Sprayer is a fresh way to clean soiled cloth diapers. Even, Its high-pressure spray rinses clean the messiest diapers.

* EASY INSTALL! No Plumbers Required! Takes less than 5 minutes!-Comes with Brass Chrome Bidet, Stainless steel Hose and Hanger Holder.

* COMFORTABLE GRIP! Don’t settle for substitutions and knock-offs. This Hand held bidet sprayer offers exclusive comfortable Grip that makes spraying quick and easy. Get the sprayer that started it all!


What’s in the box

1x Brass bidet sprayer head
1x Stainless steel hose 1.5m
1x Stainless steel hanger + ABS holder

Warranty time: 3 years

Suitable use for:
Pet baths, PP wash , douche, baby diapers, anus cleaning

T-adapter Connection: G1/2″

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