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The Bum Gun range of hand held bidet sprayers have been designed and manufactured for every man, woman and child on our planet for use instead of toilet paper. The Bum Gun is an important bathroom device that gives you  the opportunity to be ”Shower Fresh’ clean after EVERY toilet visit. The Bum Gun cleans your private parts effortlessly with an invigorating jet stream of water to your most delicate areas.

I think this is a very common question for anyone who has not had the opportunity to discover The Bum Gun yet. I thought the same. I guess we are all brought up to believe there is no alternative to toilet paper. But as with most things, technology develops. Now in the 21st century this very smart device is here to improve your life, and help you get much cleaner after every toilet visit. You just need to give The Bum Gun 2 or 3 days, and I promise you that you will never go back to toilet paper. That is my iron clad guarantee to you.

The Bum Gun is an ideal product for every home, office, factory, business premises or sports facility and anywhere which has a toilet. The Bum Gun is ideal for everyone who cares about their personal hygiene. The Bum Gun is also perfect for kids, females, the elderly and physically challenged. Due to The Bum Gun’s compact size it is ideal for smaller bathrooms where a standard bidet system struggles to fit in.

Using water has always been the healthier, more comfortable and cleaner option than abrasive toilet paper. When using The Bum Gun every time you use the bathroom you prevent your hands from coming into contact with many germs and bacteria.

There are varieties of bidet sprayers all over the world, in various degrees of quality. We have chosen the best quality devices we could find. Admittedly, many of the cheaper versions on the market do not have quality, durable components, are not tested rigorously and consequently don’t come with extensive warranties like The Bum GunNote: Please be careful of the cheap quality bidet sprayers that could crack and leak causing water damage to your bathroom.

The materials used in the construction vary. Our best-selling ‘Living Stainlessly’ range are constructed with 304 stainless steel. Our Italian Stallions chromed brass, and our Budget Bum Guns are made with high quality ABS plastic with stainless steel for key components. Please see each range for more details.

  • Using PayPal : All our products can be purchased immediately through The Bum Gun website using PayPal. If you are not familiar with PayPal, don’t worry. It is very simple and secure.
  • Note: You can still use your debit or credit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account.
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We promise to do our best to ensure your order is delivered within 5 to 10 days. We use UPS service or a leading courier service of our choice. We will confirm your order by e-mail. Our products are offered subject to availability. If we cannot supply you with any product in your order we will contact you by email or phone to advise you and offer an alternative, or refund if preferred. If goods are being delivered outside Australia you as the purchaser will be responsible for any customs or duties that may be applicable to that country or territory. In the event a delivery attempt is made and the customer is not available to receive the goods or refuses to accept the goods and they are returned to us the customer will be held responsible for the initial delivery charges and subsequent charges to have the goods re-delivered.

The Bum Gun Installation Video (English):  CLICK HERE The Bum Gun is easy to install, simple to use and environmentally friendly. The Bum Gun attaches to your existing toilet providing the same benefits as the expensive full size bidet system. Do I need to buy any other components to install The Bum Gun? The Bum Gun comes with everything you need to carry out the installation on a standard toilet which has a BSP 1/2″ fitting outlet. The pack includes The Bum Gun, the hose, washers, wall mount, screws and raw plugs.

A qualified plumber would take someone in the region of 10-20 minutes to install The Bum Gun based on most plumbing configurations. Link to Installation video CLICK HERE (English Language)

The Bum Gun MUST be fitted with a “T” joint, or 3 way valve to control the pressure of the sprayer. This way, the toilet’s water tank fills quickly and the water pressure to the hand spray is reduced to a lower pressure. Then you use the trigger on The Bum Gun to reach the desired spray pressure. Warning: Do not use The Bum Gun without a “T” joint, or 3 way isolating valve to control the pressure of the sprayer.

For most installations, the only tools needed to install The Bum Gun is an adjustable spanner, and a drill and screwdriver to fit the wall bracket. Some plumbers tape is also advisable for a tight leak free seal.

The Bum Gun must be fitted with a non-return safety valve. This valve allows the incoming flow of water from the hose to The Bum Gun. But backflow is prevented thanks to the self-closing valve system so zero un-pure water will ever enter the public water supply system should The Bum Gun be dropped into the toilet bowl by mistake. Warning: However, you should ALWAYS be sat on the toilet whenever using The Bum Gun, and replace carefully and securely into the wall bracket before standing.

We believe The Bum Gun should be fitted with an Isolating Valve and turned off after every use. This ensures maximum safety and relieves the build of possible pressure. Warning: Do not use The Bum Gun without an Isolating Valve to control the pressure of the sprayer.

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